Baby when you’re gone.

Baby.. when you’re gone !

I tried to play the song..
“Baby when you’re gone..”
Cleared the dust..
tuned.. my guitar,
tied the chords..
hit the strings..
hell.. that too sounds like
the broken thing..
like a ruptured soul,
with broken wings…
then I sung the next line

“days go on ‘n on
and night seems so long”

Picked up the pencil..
and the kit, tried to sketch
the beauties around..
my barren harvest..
the torment dusk
but no dawn..
hell.. that’s all, I could find..

“oh, this is torture, this is pain,
it feels like I’m gonna go insane”

my broken woes..
torn, horrid sketches..
the broken string..
and that song,
like the husky..
whisper in the distance..

“things just feel so wrong,
baby when you’re gone”

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