A Walk by the Stranger

A Walk by The Stranger

One fine winter night..
looking for nothing..
walking down the road,
all alone, on my own..
I thought, I knew..
The skies, stars ‘n the moon..
‘n every things around,
suddenly I realized..
how dead they felt to me now..
there was time,
they use to talk to me..
now all i hear is..
their frozen silence,
dispersed and diffused in me..
frigid to my steps..
I wonder if it’s the temperature
or it’s their queering eyes..
that infusing,
this chill to my very soul
rigid as never before,
I turned my back to them..
hoping they won’t see
the numb ‘n the stranger in me ..
no matter what I’ve tried..
they already knew..
what I’ve lived,
and where I could hide..
silent as the grave,
a minute before..
the night
now yelling,
in its freezing tone..

“ you’re the stranger, you’re alone..”

26 thoughts on “A Walk by the Stranger

  1. there are many things
    I always feel,
    but can’t seem to express
    Like how loving you,
    has brought me so much
    joy and happiness.
    there are many things that
    I don’t say but in your
    understanding way,
    I hope you
    know how very much
    youill always mean to me.

    happy new year

    a stranger

  2. this is amazing poetry. This poem really forced me to leave a comment (I am otherwise too lazy to comment).

    very original style of writing and superb flow of consciousness 🙂

    you have one more fan now!

    • Thank you sir ‘n everyone else, it’s really encouraging to have word of appreciation from you all, i’m really honored.. and appreciate u’ve taken time to comment (out of ur, quite busy schedule).

      Thanks again 🙂

  3. nice poem….i really liked this poem very much as every word of d poem is very nice n heart-touching…really hats off 2 u…:)

  4. this one makes me feel nostalgic…

    this line in particular expresses the whole theme so well…”I wonder if it’s the temperature”
    really, the moment we start reasoning, is the moment we become strangers to the world that’s dear to us. these lines very b’fully depict the intrusion of mind.

  5. I think this is my favorite of your poems so far…. oh, haha, and what a nice coincidence to see a familiar face comment on your poetry too, how small the world is! Hello Dhyan 🙂

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