He, who died..

He, who died..

Its just, he was alone
for all those nights..
a hate.. for lives,
that he has, lived..
howling for his dreams
confined to his fears,
suppressing his tears..
he used to choke,
while trying to speak..
as if its ripping his throat,
but still he carved..
for another reason,
to cut it apart..
don’t know why,
he didn’t want to die..
from dusk till dawn,
heard him pray..
just for another day..
and on the day,
when he woke up..
and found the haze
‘n the fog inside,
The curtains wet..
windows open..
doors ajar..
has it rained.. ?
perhaps he cried..
last night… he, who died..!

Shrek – hallelujah by sachin verma

14 thoughts on “He, who died..

  1. Life teach us
    To always dream
    However it may never come true
    But that’s the best way
    To live life through

    Life teach us
    To dream so high
    Never give up and always try
    Never let go or say goodbye

    Life teach us
    That when there is darkness
    For sure sunrise is the next
    And when everything is so tiring
    For sure there would be time to rest

    Life teach us
    To always care for a friend
    Always be true and never pretend
    Always love with no end
    And the broken hearts try to mend

    Life teach us
    Never to feel the hate
    Always be confident and never hesitate
    Always believe in fate

    Life teach us
    People meet, few stay together
    And few lives apart
    So if you are one who have been left behind
    Don’t cry and suffer
    Just search for a new start

    Life teach us
    The past we must forget
    And nothing we should regret

    Life teach us
    To open our heart and forgive
    Cause that will help us to survive and live

    Life teach us
    To always offer our helping hand
    And always try to understand

    Life teach us
    Not to be shy
    If we have done something wrong
    But to admit it and be proud that we have learned
    A lesson that will help us to be strong

    Life teach us
    To live more
    Seek for the happiness we deserve most

  2. Very good expression of raw emotions. Just thinking about the depth of your soul from which you poured this unique piece…

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