To wait or it’s a waste?

To wait or it’s a waste?

Sometimes, I know..
things are out of reach,
sometimes, I show..
how hard I’ve tried,
sometimes, I throw..
even things I’ve got,
just to get the dream..
‘n for the rest of the time,
I wait.. for the miracle !
though I know..
me gonna take away ‘nothing’
the risk, always seems..
as if it’s larger than life !

Sometimes, I wonder..
how far I can go
sometimes, I’ve tried..
to spread my wings,
‘n make the fly..
sometimes, I dunk..
into the deep driven ocean,
‘n for rest of the time
I stay still.. waiting
the ocean to go dry..

“The time you enjoy wasting..
is not wasted time”

‘n as if I’ve the whole life,
just to waste ‘n to wait..
for the dream, I’ve waited for
Some where waiting.. for me !!

My Mermaid

My Mermaid

The morning.. I’ve seen,
the sunlight.. spreading
wings in its dew..
sparkled and flew..
I thought, it was ‘you’..
like wide open eyes
where are ‘you’ ?
Chanted and mesmerized..
with the morning on the beach,
a mermaid out of the water..
lying there was.. you ?
I closed my eyes..
to make the wish, wondering..
if it’s gonna be true..

still i could see.. the smile
of the eternal bliss,
even with my closed eyes..
the innocence of eternity,
blessed with the warmth
close, as those sea drops..
with million of soft sparks !
hurry.. lemme make the wish
wondering, if it could be you ?
umm… I wish for the morning,
this sparkles.. and the dew,
and a heart.. to tell you,
the skies or the sun,
the moon or billion of stars..
nothing sparks me,
the way you do..
you’re my guiding star
and yeah, all I wish is ‘you’…

you are my morning,
my mermaid,
I love you…!

Dana glover – shrek by sachin verma