The Other half..!

The Other half..

You, the other person,
or the second me ?
I’m afraid, it scares..
for all the time
since you’ve shown
what I was lacking,
what I’ve found.
‘n now what could be lost..
The beauty ‘n the life,
the way things had turned out
‘n the way my dreams..
got the ground..
Is it me or it’s ‘you’?
who has colored it,
all of sudden,
it looks complete to me..
I pamper, I pray..
to make the ease,
just for another day..
could it be the way..
Is that the way,
we were meant to be ?
just to know..
the other half of you,
‘n the other half of me..!!

19 thoughts on “The Other half..!

  1. Hmmm..yes..Love is completeness together…Fusion of two halves which are destined to share life….Love brings perfection to the imperfect life of an individual..sounds like the story of two eternal soulmates… ‘You ‘ and ‘ I ‘ from your verse ,are meant to be together forever.I liked the title ,not the bitter better half but the other half….appreciate your sensitivity:)

  2. Sachin, beautiful web site, great songs, fabulous pictures, wonderful poems, you are a marvellous talent, so glad that you stopped are a treasure 🙂

  3. On a cloudy night, when nothing seems above, still, there is love. Always love. For something, from someone. It’s never done. Never……

  4. love the rhythm with which the poem flows…is it a song? thanks for the comment on my blog…i’m glad i discovered ur blog…need to chk out ur Flicker coll. ..seems amazin’ to me.

  5. hey its been u hvnt wrote nythin….i still check almost evry 15days for a new poem by u…..u write really nice….jus love ur poems…

  6. I also keep checking ur blog for somethg new…you seem to hve gone to some far away galaxy…..I am around ibibo ,but don’t see ur activity …where r u gone ?Come back to earth ..n do write somethg soon….

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