About Me

I might be yet another person
trying to know beneath his skin..
but somewhere, has decided to figure out
what’s this all ’bout !

exploring and exploding..
what ever it takes,
i committed a promise,
and now will have to make

The choice of life..
away from the race,
let me be the human..
and take away my face !

21 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hi sachin
    read all ur poems and i must say its a beautiful peice of work done.

    i also liked the pic u clicked and the titles given to them.

    good job!!! keep it up!!

    hope that u click my pic one day!!


  2. nice poems….sir…..ur way of writing poem is awesum as well as d photos….in ur side bar wid comments r also very nice……..:)

  3. Hii Sachin..

    Great collection of poems, i haven’t read all, but had a look at few, and read few.

    Enjoying the blog very much,

    I dont know why, but poems are one thing, the more i get involved, the more i loose myself.

  4. Don’t worry, you will ultimately get your mermaid. All our wishes are with you. And yes as far as the poem is concerned……………………….Great and something not expected from a technical person like you who spent all day in the stupid computers.

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