The Fear

जब कोई, खुशियाँ..
हथेलियो मे समेटे लाए..
जब हर सपनो का रंग,
सिंदूरी होता जाए..

जब साथ देता हर साया,
बढ़ता जाए

डर लगता है, की नये अंधेरो,
की तासीर क्या होगी.. ?

क्या फिर से वही, कहानी
दुहराई जाएगी..
जिसकी सीमाए, रोशनी से चलकर..
अंधेरो मे गुम हो जाएंगी

और फिर असहाय सा खड़ा मैं,
रोशनी को जाते ताकते रहता हूं !’



Its funny, why people lie..
wearing faces, masking cries..
nodding the zeal, with closed eyes..
pretending and whitewashing
for the things, manipulating their lives..
I’ve lived all their faces..
crafting and molding me,
just for their ease..
but I’m tired now.. of being me
‘n for all those times
I couldn’t stand, what they see.

Me with the longest shadows
and with the ugliest face,
that reaches, the other side of the lace..
I still don’t know…if it’s me
or just their spoors all over the place..
I’m crawling back to the doom..
and to those dark shadows in my room..
Wearing the most darkest shade..
I’ve became the shadow…
with the ‘Darkest Face’ !!

Endless Night

Endless Night

I couldn’t sleep for long
when i woke up
you were gone..
So many things that left unsaid
crawling and stabbing,
chopping my head
‘Chuck’, can’t stand it anymore..

cripple the touch, you adore
no more soothing, nor abhor
the endless night, to endure


darkness, left all around..
tried to focus
but nothing, was found..
stretched my hands,
in the space
molded stones
but there wasn’t any face,
that endless night,
swallowed it all
triggered in me, the endless fall.


Stunned, deprived
and alone
gloomy, tortured
and a bit frown
wide awake, in the middle of night..
cherishing the moments
of a hopeless fight..
walls around, squeezing me tight
I’m counting the seconds,
of an endless night.