With all my heart

I stood there for long
as you turned away.. ’n gone
choking ‘n staring.. your way
nothing was left to say
Wish you could hear,
the dilemma hidden..
‘n the truth within,
was there never a reason
why a soul lingering ?
as if a cloud in the sky
a dream, flickering..
‘n you to my soul..
on verge of diffusing,
all the fervor ‘n control..
Embraced by the haze
bit scared or amazed,
the touch, portrayed by the hearts..
rendered to your guilt,
of tearing it apart..
its me, on my knees..
pleading, whispering
to your heart..
turn back and look at me..
reach out your hand,
‘n put your arms.. around me
I’ve loved you from the start..
the deepest ‘n with all my heart


He, who died..

He, who died..

Its just, he was alone
for all those nights..
a hate.. for lives,
that he has, lived..
howling for his dreams
confined to his fears,
suppressing his tears..
he used to choke,
while trying to speak..
as if its ripping his throat,
but still he carved..
for another reason,
to cut it apart..
don’t know why,
he didn’t want to die..
from dusk till dawn,
heard him pray..
just for another day..
and on the day,
when he woke up..
and found the haze
‘n the fog inside,
The curtains wet..
windows open..
doors ajar..
has it rained.. ?
perhaps he cried..
last night… he, who died..!

Shrek – hallelujah by sachin verma