Stigmata of rapture soul

Stigmata of rapture soul

My tears grew for more shine,
i celebrated it,
bleeding red wine..
something was burning inside..
ripping with all ease,
it has it’s deepest sharp..
rending, scorching my heart,
what has died inside..?

“no more running..
no where to go,
‘n no more hide..”

doom ? or should call it destination..
no more pretending…
yeah ! can see no one standing
it’s just me, gazing in the dark..
waiting to go numb,
what’s left behind..
a soul that lingers,
that dwell across heart..
I’ve made it glow,
‘n now its dripping out of  my veins..
to make the flow,
then no more hurting,
no burning.. no scorching..

you may call.. it insane,
i say it “the stigmata”
of a ruptured soul..
away from the pain..!!!