The Other half..!

The Other half..

You, the other person,
or the second me ?
I’m afraid, it scares..
for all the time
since you’ve shown
what I was lacking,
what I’ve found.
‘n now what could be lost..
The beauty ‘n the life,
the way things had turned out
‘n the way my dreams..
got the ground..
Is it me or it’s ‘you’?
who has colored it,
all of sudden,
it looks complete to me..
I pamper, I pray..
to make the ease,
just for another day..
could it be the way..
Is that the way,
we were meant to be ?
just to know..
the other half of you,
‘n the other half of me..!!



This autumn,
leaves from the backyard tree..
once again invading me,
floating through the window,
i supposed, I had closed..
long ago..
little golden, little tame..
I’ve given them each, a name.

I had buried them
along with, those memories..
now, they have faces..
colored, defaced ‘n full of miseries.
asking me things ‘bout last fall,
Want me to answer them all..

nathless, I decided to keep quite
Even, I’ve tried to hide..
Looking for a chance to save their pride..
they’re crying out my name..
perhaps hoping, me to hear them, in pain..
but little they know..
I had built a corner, within..
where no one could ever break in

Each autumn, that corner will grow bigger..
ravaging the backyard and the tree,
to hold me up, to set me free..
protecting me from those false, deeds..
then no more open window
and then no more invading leaves..

Alive and inhaling the corner ‘n my creed,
I have chosen the solitary, hoping to flee..
Then it came, a little wide..
that voice even has broken me twice
your dead, your insane and you’re dehumanized..
like your corner, the tree is inside,

you can run but you can’t hide.